Because you value the financial wellbeing of your company and its employees, let
Annuity Services, Inc. enhance your qualified or non-qualified retirement plan,
and provide peace of mind to both plan sponsor and participant.
ASI specializes in fixed annuities only. The risks associated with other annuity products do not fit into our business model.

Annuity Services Working For You


Unlock the Benefits of Annuity Services

Considering the difficulties faced by retirement plan administrators to provide sensible options for plan participants without burdening the employer, Annuity Services, Inc. was formed to offer valuable solutions through the delivery of top-quality annuity products.

Annuities and rate quotes for retiring employees

     We specialize in providing annuities and free rate quotes for retiring employees and participants of any employer-sponsored retirement plan or single annuity purchase of $5,000 or more.

     Annuity Services, Inc. has Master Annuity Contracts in place that provide better rates than a typical rate book annuity offered by insurance companies. In short, ASI's contracts allow for the annuitant to receive an optimal benefit payment.

     Servicing some of our nation’s largest corporations, Annuity Services represents employer-sponsored retirement plans for both qualified and non-qualified plans.


Liability Relief - With an annuity purchase, the liability of payment to the retiree is transferred from the employer to the insurance company.

Administrative Record-keeping Removed  - We offer quality annuity products from premium companies with an A+ rating or higher who inherit the burden of administration and record-keeping for the annuitant.

Retirement PlansMarket & Investment Risk -
Due to market fluctuations, plan assets have diminished, and economic instability can erode retirement funding. Annuities provide stability and reliability while mitigating market and investment risk.

PBGC Premium Offset  -
An annuity will eliminate the need to pay the PBGC’s per-participant flat-rate premium rate of $64 for single-employer plans and $28 for multiemployer plans (for 2017).